Let's start off with these two:

Daggett looks nice in this set (minus the eyebrow), and Norbert looks like he just got out of bed. Whenever you pull their strings, their mouths move up and down so fastly, it looks like they're chomping. That's the reason they called this the chomping beavers. Norbert's hairdo looks like a freaking mess, and they could have done better with it. But, in all of it, this set looks great, and I give it a 7/10.

Now onto these two:

And I thought they couldn't screw up Norbert more. Look! His body color doesn't even match his hair! Did they run out of blonde material? Did they just use the same felt as Daggie on the right? I don't know this crap, and I think they're supposed to be like Teddy bears, so I give it a rating of 5/10